Cargolite : Car Top Carrier
Lightweight - Aerodynamic - Adjustable Volume - Triple Access

  • : 53" long x 21" wide x 11" high (again sides are fabric so dimensions are slightly flexible)
  • Attached by simple web strapping and a buckle system.
  • Large volume carrying capacity - 10 cubic feet
  • Lightweight - 18 lbs (when empty) easy to lift and load on vehicle
  • Triple Access: Zipper access from both sides of car and back.
  • Adjustable Size
  • Color: Black
  • Compact Storage - All material, tubes and wire frame roll up into the front nose housing for easy storage in vehicle or on shelf
  • Low profile aerodynamic shape - reduces wind resistance to improve gas mileage
  • Plastic aerodynamic nose housing - easy cleaning and container for storage when not in use
  • Universal use on vehicles own roof rack or on custom rack.
  • Internal aluminum tubes give the carrier strength to rest with a full load on a vehicles roof rack (either the vehicles manufactured rack or a custom rack like Thule or Yakima).

BW Sports
copyright 2007